AWS Elastic Beanstalk NodeJS and logs

I want to migrate my NodeJS project from single EC2 to ElasticBeanstalk. In my current code I use the dependency log4js which create a log file on the filesystem. On EC2 this works create but what is the best way in ElasticBeanstalk to log something? If I download the generated logs from ElasticBeanstalk my custom log file from log4js isn’t present.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “AWS Elastic Beanstalk NodeJS and logs”

    In order to see the logs you can:

    • Press on your elastic beanstalk environment
    • Press ‘Logs’ (on the left side)
    • Press ‘Request Logs’ (usually just last 100 lines should be fine) and download the file.

    You can see a few different log files there.

    I believe that logs you write using log4js in Node.js will be under:


    I like to ssh into the elastic beanstalk instance and tail the log to see it updating “live” (when I use my server). to do it run the following:

    eb ssh

    tail -n 50 -f /var/log/nodejs/nodejs.log

    In general, when you deploy to Elastic Beanstalk linux environment your app will be under:


    Try finding your log files under this path- they will have the same name as when you run the app locally.

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