Node.js, Hbase: Failed to connect to zookeeper

Using hbase-rpc-client and trying to connect to Zookeper, I get the following error:

Failed to connect to zookeeper. zkHosts: [my_host_name:2181] zkRoot: ‘/hbase’

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  • I do know that host and port are correct, as I can see it in /master-status under the Software Attributes section:

    • Zookeeper Quorum: my_host_name:2181
    • Zookeeper Base Path: /hbase

    Furthermore, I use exactly the same configuration for ZooKeeper hostname:port to connect to my Hbase with HareDBClient, and it works.

    Results of nmap myhostname -p 2181:

    • PORT: 2181/tcp
    • STATE: open
    • SERVICE: unknown


    • Hadoop: 2.7.3
    • Hbase: 1.3
    • Node.js: 6.9.1
    • hbase-rpc-client: 0.1.10

    I do realize that hbase-rpc-client‘s last supported version of hbase is 1.2.x.
    Can anybody confirm that it is not possible to use the package with hbase 1.3, and if so, recommend some up-to-date tool to connect node.js to hbase? As nothing closer to 1.3 than 1.2.x showed up during research.

    Or am I just missing something in my configuration?

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