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AngularJs routing, multiple requests in server

I want to use angularjs routing, I’m using but it’s making extra requests in server side. Anyone know the solution of this problem, or I’m doing something wrong? Client app.js app.config([‘$routeProvider’, ‘$locationProvider’, function($routeProvider, $locationProvider) { $locationProvider.html5Mode({enabled: true, requireBase: false}) $routeProvider. when(‘/’, { templateUrl: ‘/tpl/main.tmp.html’, controller: ‘MainCtrl’ }) .otherwise({redirectTo: ‘/’}) }]) //routes.js app.get(‘/’, function(req, res) { […]

How to get data Mongo data using aggregate MongoDB

Suppose we have 10 collection, then we have to find the count on the basis of tag_id. For example, if tag_id contains 0 and 1, then we have to count all the data, as well as counting the data that don’t have tag_id, or where tag_id is null. Then if it has unread : false […]

How to send list of files to angularjs options from node.js?

I am getting files from directory(‘app/jsonfiles‘) in node.js, and I am not sure how can I send this list of files to my front-end as options in select list to write one common get request for getting the data of selected file. partial Plnkr. Please let me know that how can I get my list […]

Handsontable related error cannot find modules numbro, moment, pikaday, ZeroClipboard

I’ve added handsontable-pro, numbro, moment, pikaday and ZeroClipboard in my package.json dependencies, e.g.: “dependencies”: { “numbro”: “^1.9.0”, “moment”: “^2.14.1”, … } and imported these libraries in my angular1.5 app.ts file like this: import ‘handsontable-pro’; import ‘numbro’; import ‘moment’; … After running npm install, npm run build and also building and running my project, I’m getting […]

Angular JS Print Tab blocks HTTP request Google Chrome

I have 2 open tabs running an Angular JS application. In one tab, a print-dialog from Google Chrome is open. In the other window, I have a form in which you can update a passengers details. When I hit save in the form, it starts an HTTP request to the server. The nodeJS server processes […]

How to get status code in Angularjs?

We use aws and swagger, also we have a service with getData method var getData = () => { return $http({ method: ‘GET’, url: ‘myURL’, headers: { ‘Authorization’: ‘token’ } }); }; I’m trying to use it with bellow code dataservice.getData().then(response => { console.log(response) }) .catch((err) => { console.log(err)); }) And for good request (when […]

CORS POST request fails on Chrome, Safari and Firefox

I have a RESTfull Backend implemented with Spring security running on localhost:8080, a Login filter responds to login requests with a token placed in the headers, I didn’t even implemented an Endpoint method for that, It is all done by Spring Security magic by the following line of code: protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception […]

empty request bodies with file upload to Node/Express from AngularJS with ng-flow

I’m using ng-flow to upload a picture. I need to set my upload to content type application/json: Node (Express) request body empty but how? I’m basing my code off the sample here: https://github.com/flowjs/flow.js/tree/master/samples/Node.js I’m guessing its in the header configuration, but I’m guessing. here is my $scope.image object: { image: { support: true supportDirectory: true […]

Uncaught Error: Unknown provider: sessionInjectorProvider

I am new to angular js, loopback and nodejs, While implementing the authentication in the angular app, I am getting the below mentioned error Uncaught Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: sessionInjectorProvider <- sessionInjector <- $http <- $compile I was going through this document, but no help. http://www.webdeveasy.com/interceptors-in-angularjs-and-useful-examples/ This error came when I added the below lines […]

How to send req.flash messages from node to Angular.js

I’m following a tutorial on how to set up authentication with nodejs and passport (http://scotch.io/tutorials/javascript/easy-node-authentication-setup-and-local) The tutorial has rendering templates with ejs and passing in flash info and error messages. Instead of this, I like to use angularjs. The part I’m having trouble with is getting the flash messages to client side angular. I know […]

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