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Meteor: accounts-ui how – to change config?

I’m new to node and Meteor I’ve set up simple log in flow with Meteor and accounts-ui package, coupled with accounts-facebook, but I’ve entered wrong Facebook OAuth data in the setup pop-up. How can I change the parameters that the package uses for communicating with Facebook (that is, app secret, redirect_uri etc?)

Meteor with Slim instead of Handlebars?

As Handelbars is the default templating layer for Meteor.js, is it readily possible to use Slim instead? If so (meaning, without an extreme amount of hacking) how would one integrate this? UPDATE: looks like this may be starting to be a real possibility with OpalRB since we’re seeing some promising effort such as https://github.com/marcandre/meteor-opal.

Meteor requires Node v0.10.41 or later Error on heroku deployment

I recently tried deploying my first MeteorJS (1.3) application on heroku and am getting a server log error – “Meteor requires Node v0.10.41 or later”. Not sure what the relationship is between node and meteor. Do meteor apps actually need a node backend or is this a meteor bug? Also, when I run “meteor node […]

How should I handle file upload in Meteor?

I want users to be able to upload files such as images, PDFs, Word Docs, Audio Files etc. I want to know whether I should store all the files on a server locally or use an external file hosting website from which I can access files using an API. If I should save locally, how […]

Meteorite installation error on windows XP – “c:\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props” was not found

I’m learning to create meteor application on my windows machine now. Everything is working fine because http://win.meteor.com have windows installation that I can try with. The problem I have is now I want to have routing capability in my app. From my research the Meteor-Router package can add by using meteorite. So here’s what I’ve […]

How is hot reload implemented in Meteor JS?

I’m interested in knowing what kind of strategies they use to push code to the browser when a file is changed, yet I have found nothing on the internet about it. I also searched the code at their GitHub repo to no avail. So, how is the hot reload implemented in Meteor? Are there any […]

Meteor exception in Meteor.flush when updating a collection breaks reactivity across clients

When I’m calling Collection.update from the front end (the method call is allowed), the update does work ok, but the exception below is being thrown (in Chrome’s JS console, not in the server). Although the update took place, other clients connected to the same collection do not see the updates until they refresh the browser […]

Asynchronous callbacks in a meteor app

I’m using the ntwitter node.js module to access twitter’s streaming API from inside a meteor app, but when trying to insert into a collection inside the callback function the app crashes: twitter.stream(‘statuses/filter’, {‘track’:’whatever’}, function(stream) { stream.on(‘data’, function (data) { //logging the data coming back works fine console.log(data); //the next line throws “Error: Meteor code must […]

How to refresh a Twit stream ? (Npm module & Twitter API)

I want to refresh a Twit stream. I have a Twitter stream made with the npm module Twit (you can find it here: https://github.com/ttezel/twit ). Here is my code: Researches.find().observeChanges({ added: function(){ hashArray = Researches.find().fetch(); hashCount = Researches.find().count(); for(i=0; i<hashCount; i++){ hashArray[i]= hashArray[i].hashtag; } } }); stream = T.stream(‘statuses/filter’, {track: hashArray}); //Launch stream stream.on(‘tweet’, Meteor.bindEnvironment(function(tweet) […]

Build Meteor in Docker cannot pass proxy setting

I use latest Nodejs image as base image to build meteor project. The docker is behind the corporate proxy. I tried curl and npm install -g. Both of them can go through the proxy and download packages. However, when I try to use meteor update, error prompts as: Unable to update package catalog (are you […]

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