NodeJs Mongoose + Mongo, connecting to localhost

I just updated to node 0.5.10 from 0.4.11 and my version of mongoose from 2.0.2 to 2.3.13 however I can no longer connect to localhost. My code has not changed at all, and I can still connect to my production server on mongolab. I can connect to my local db using a gui (MongoHub) just going through localhost. I am now running out of ideas. I’ve tried variations on the following connection strings which both should work in my option.


I have even created a very basic single app to just save something to my localhost but to no avail. Ideas are very welcome!

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  • var mongoose = require('mongoose');
    var db = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/SomeDb');
    var Schema = mongoose.Schema;
    var Posts = new Schema({
      name : String,
    mongoose.model('Post', Posts);
    function createNewPost(){
        var Post = mongoose.model('Post');
        var post = new Post({name:'new name'});{
                console.log('Post saved.');

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  • One Solution collect form web for “NodeJs Mongoose + Mongo, connecting to localhost”

    After debugging using the mongodb native I found that works. I have not idea but I am back up and running.

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