Generation of svg on server side using highcharts

I did require(‘jsdom‘) in node js but i constantly get jsdom module not found. More over i want to generate a svg document using highcharts on the server so that i can later on use that image in my pdf( I will convert that svg to image using batik). Is there a link that may […]

multiple usage of require() in Node.js return undefined results

I’ve got really strange behavior of require() in node.js. I have simple common.js: module.exports = common = { config: require(‘./config/config’), errorCodes: require(‘./config/errorCodes’), server: require(‘./server/server’).server, dbManager: require(‘./db/dbManager’).dbManager, idGenerator: require(‘./utils/idGenerator’).idGenerator }; my server.js: var http = require(‘http’), url = require(“url”), common = require(‘../common’); var server = (function () { var server = http.createServer(function (request, response) { }); […]

Can't SET/GET with NodeJS and Redis

I want to write a ueberDB Redis-Handler for my Etherpad. I absolutely do not understand my problem because with PHP I can set and get key/values without any problems. It only does not work with NodeJS. Here is a example code: var redis = require(“redis”); client = redis.createClient(); client.on(“error”, function (err) { console.log(“Error ” + […]

What backend platform is Opa running on?

I wonder what backend platform Opa is using for communication with the browsers. My guess would be Node.js.

express/jade get current user in view

I have a simple nodejs/express application by this example. In that view there is checking everyauth.loggedIn variable, but in my application I don’t use everyauth module I use the following code instead: req.session.auth = user; How can I get access to req.session.auth in a view in this case?

How do I get mocha to run “exports”-style tests on Windows?

I have NodeJS and Mocha installed and working on Windows 7 x64 – so far, so good – but I can’t get Mocha to recognise any tests defined using the exports interface (as described at If I create test/bdd.js containing the following code: var should = require(‘should’); describe(‘TestDemo – BDD interface’, function(){ describe(‘#foo’, function(){ […]

Node.js + Mongoose works locally, but not on Heroku

Here’s my node.js file I’m running on Heroku. It works perfectly locally, but when I push it to Heroku, the database collection isn’t created and no errors are thrown. Ultimately I’m just trying to get it to actually creating the connection while it’s running on Heroku. Thanks. var mongoose = require(‘mongoose’), db_url = process.env.MONGOHQ_URL || […]

Java/JVM or Node.js/V8 for a WebSocket streaming client application?

I need to consume a JSON-formatted data stream via WebSocket, and send the data as is to a Redis server. That’s all this application needs to do; no UI, no requests need to be attended and the data doesn’t need to be processed at all. I want to get the smallest footprint and highest performance. […]

How to copy RedisToGo database in Heroku to local machine?

I have a node.js app, using RedisToGo and running in Heroku. I would like to copy the Redis To Go database to localhost for testing. When developing Ruby on Rails app, I can use heroku db:pull command. Is there any similiar command which I can use for node.js and Redis? Thanks.

Example of wire.js in node.js

I’m new to Node and coming from a C# background one of the main things that I’m looking to figure out with Node is dependency injection. I understand that wire.js has that capability and I’ve read everything I can find on it and I’ve even downloaded the Html “Hello World” example. However, I’m still unable […]

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