Removing a child element in subdocument not working

I’m fairly new to Mongoose and don’t think my approach on deleting an item in a subdocument is the right one.

I have the following schema setup:

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    var mongoose = require('mongoose');
    var contactSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
    var phoneSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
      number:{ type: String },
      phoneType:{ type: Number }
    var memberSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
      firstname: {
        type: String
      lastname: {
        type: String
    module.exports = mongoose.model('member', memberSchema);

    To remove an item from the phone, in my Express API, I first find the parent then reference “remove” for the child ID, like this. But it does not work.


    .delete(function(req, res){
      Member.findOne({_id: req.body.ownerId}, function(err, member){
{_id: req.body.phoneId}, function(err){
            res.json({message: 'Success! Phone has been removed.'})

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Removing a child element in subdocument not working”

    Figured out that I was looking for req.body and was actually needing req.params.

    Also found right syntax on Mongoose docs:

    .delete(function(req, res){
      Member.findOne({_id: req.params.ownerId}, function(err, member){
 (err) {
            if (err) return handleError(err);
            console.log('the sub-doc was removed');
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