Unable to install mean-cli in linux mint 17 using npm

I have npm, nodejs installed already. But when I try installing the mean-cli (on linux mint 17)I get the following error. From the error it does seem like the install script for mean-cli is using the command ‘node’ vs ‘nodejs’ (for linux-mint). I am not sure how to get it to use the right command.

I searched through google and posts related to mean.io here at SO but couldn’t find any pertinent info. Any help is appreciated.

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  • sudo npm install -g mean-cli
    > mean-cli@0.10.14 preinstall /usr/local/lib/node_modules/mean-cli
    > node ./scripts/preinstall
    sh: 1: node: not found
    npm WARN This failure might be due to the use of legacy binary "node"
    npm WARN For further explanations, please read
    npm ERR! weird error 127
    npm ERR! not ok code 0

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