Yeoman copy directory without templating

I am using yeoman for creating a scaffold for my app.

I want to copy all the directory recursively thats why I am using method

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  •'views/static/views', '.views/static/views');

    Now whenever I am running it shows an error showing <%= title %> in file index.html during copying is not defined.

    This <%= title %> is not the part of Templating but I am using this for my other purpose.

    I want to disable the templating while copying using method.?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Yeoman copy directory without templating”

    I figure it out.
    using this.fs.copy copies recursively without templating.

    writing: function () {

    Now when templating the correct syntax should be

    writing: function () {
          { title: 'Templating with Yeoman' }
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